Adaptors and Fittings

Shop for and buy adaptors and fittings from the Flotec online store.

Shop for and buy adaptors and fittings online from the Flotec store. Flotec supplies an extensive range of adaptors and fittings for next UK working day delivery if ordered before 10.00 pm.

Adaptors and fittings from Flotec. Flotec supplies a wide range of adaptors and fittings. Products include hose tails, nickel plated adaptors, brass adaptors, stainless steel adaptors, seals, O-Rings, manifolds, swivel joints, push-in fittings, banjo flow controls, pusg-in tube fittings, flow control regulators, function fittings, tube fitting kits, minature fittings, push-on hose adaptors, push-in valves, snap connectors, lubrication system tubing, high pressure lubrication fittings, clamp fittings, pipe fittings, butt weld fittings, flanges, silencers, dosing pumps and copper tubing. Brands include Air-Pro, Kelm, HNL, Aignep, John Guest, Parker Legris, Haitima, Camozzi, Jaymac, Wade, Tefen, Norma and Itap.

Order before 10.00 pm for UK next working day delivery.

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