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Refine Products

BlueStripe™ EPDM Hose

Bluestripe™ EPDM hose is a revolutionary water coolant hose from the USA, that has proven reliability of over 750,000 miles working on commercial road freight engines. It provides resistance to electrochemical degradation which can destroy ordinary hoses from the inside.


Most effective when used with our innovative PowerGrip® Band Clamps.


3 key benefits when replacing silicone with Bluestripe EPDM hose:

  1. Unlike silicone, Bluestripe™ EPDM hose bonds to the stem, assisting hose retention and removal of potential leak paths.
  2. Gates EPDM Bluestripe™ hose is 10x more resistant to water permeation than silicone hoses. Resulting in potential imbalances of water vs ethanol glycol in coolant systems.
  3. Raw material costs are significantly less than that of silicone, providing a cost reduction solution to coolant hose installations.


RECOMMENDED FOR: High-temperature coolant, water and air applications. Suitable for OAT (organic additive technology) engine fluids.

COVER: EPDM based.

REINFORCEMENT: -4 to -12 and -16: 4230SB - aramid spiral; -14 and -18 to -36: 4175SC - nylon cord.


STANDARDS: 4230SB - normal duty heater hose to SAE 20R3 EC Class D-1. 4175SC - heavy duty radiator hose to SAE 20R1 EC Class D-1, standard wall.



•    Premium engine hose.
•    Compounded to resist electro-chemical degradation, the leading cause of hose failure.
•    Wrapped cover on size 7/8” and as of size 1.1/8”.


NOTE: Also available as customer-made curved hose to SAE 20R4 EC D-1 to fit specific applications and meeting customer specifications. Curved hose recommended for upper, lower, by-pass, heater and other coolant applications. Can be installed without buckling, bending out of shape or straining at the connections. Can be used with PowerGrip® Shrink Band Clamps, made from a heat-sensitive thermoplastic with a memory to prevent over- or under-tightening. Retains dynamic tension and never needs retightening. Eliminates the risk for antifreeze leaks and ground water contamination. Can be installed with an ordinary heat gun or with the PowerShirnk Control Box.


IMPORTANT: Do not use for fuel or oil transfer applications.